Grade 6

New Brunswick

Finally Home

Finally Home
« The days finally over » I said as my dad was picking me up. Every day I was forced to go to an after school program until five because both my parents work. My dad asked me if I had a good day I responded with « good». It takes about 10 minutes to get home so the second we got inside I went straight to my couch and listened to my brothers footsteps as he went downstairs. As I was sitting down I was thinking about how great home is because you can relax as much as you want.
If I had to describe home to someone like I have to right now I would say, it’s a place that I can talk to people, a place that is safe and a place to have fun. But that’s only the first three things that come to my mind when I think of the meaning of home. Right after I finish relaxing for a little bit I almost always do something with my brother. On the weekends my family usually watch’s a movie and eats delicious popcorn. When we go upstairs sometimes we play a board game and other times we just read. But if we are lucky sometimes we look at the IPad!
I think home for other people can be many different things. Something that might be different is maybe a house has no TV and not only that but also no toys because they can’t afford anything. Even when a family has no money home can still be a happy place. As long as you are with your family and you are safe then you can still be happy.
For people who live by themselves home can still make you feel safe. Home can also be where ever your family and friends are.
All homes probably have a place to sleep. They all hopefully have a place to eat. Also all homes should have a place to relax. No one should be able to kick you out of your own home as long as you are paying the bills. All homes should be safe but a few are not safe like in war zones. All homes have a place to store your belongings.
There are a lot of good things about homes like I have already talked about in my first four paragraphs such as being safe. Home is not just the place you eat and sleep. It should be a place where you can feel safe and relax with the people you love. I realized that not everyone has a home and some people have homes that are not good. I am thankful to have a good home.