Grade 5


Fajr H The meaning of home

The meaning of home
Home is not just a place to eat and sleep. Home is where have memories and laugh. Home is where you come back from school and know that you will have a family that will welcome you. Home is where you make food for your family and the people who are experiencing homelessness. When I get back from school I know that I have a roof over my head. The reason home is cherishable because I can pray for my family and the less fortunate. At home you can start many things like celebrations,getting a new family member and the memories will always stay there. Home is where you can make a beautiful,lovely family. You do a lot of memorable things at home but don’t be mad for the most innocent things, because one day that can maybe you holding a sign begging for money. Home is where you don’t be judged on the things you do. Inside a home you can be warm so you should understand how difficult it is experiencing homelessness. When I’m home and outside it’s chilly I adore drinking hot coco by the toasty roasting fire. If you have a big family you will crave time alone homeless people can’t know how that feels. Now you know how important home is not just 2 things it’s so much more.