Grade 5

Nova Scotia

f is for famalliy h for home

Meaning of home

Home is my family. Wherever my family is it’s my new home.

Have you ever been so excited you could do anything? Well that’s how I felt when I got my new puppy.

I was pulling into to the dog breeders driveway. I didn’t even notice we were there because I was to concentrated on my iPad. But then I looked over to my brother and he was opening his door. I looked up into my window and I saw a house. I assumed it was the dog breeders house so I opened my door and I heard a lot of barking dogs. So I knew it had to be the right house. I was so nervous because what if I didn’t get a puppy. Then I quickly ran to the front door. My parents and my brother were already inside the house.

When I opened the door I saw a cage of tiny little puppy in one big pile. At first I thought it was a ant nest. But then I smelled the worst thing I ever smelled before PUPPY POOP!!!!! I bolted out the door as fast as I could and started to breath again.My mom came out and asked “why did you run out so fast?”. I replied and said ”because it smelled so bad!” Then she told me to just breath through my mouth. So I gave it a go and when I went in I saw a lot of tiny little puppy.But then the dog breeder pick up the two dogs we could pick from and put them soon as I saw them I had already made my choice . I whispered to my dad and I picked her up and we got her.

We’ve had our dog for 4 months and we’ve teached her a lot of cool tricks and I realize this is what home is to me.