Grade 5


Ezinne-Meaning of Home

What Home Means to Me

Home, it’s where memories happen, birthdays, movie nights, celebrating traditions and even just taking a little time out of your life and to just talk to your family. Home is a place where you feel safe, trust and rely on everyone who is in there. It is where you come back from school and mom is baking delicious appetizing pumpkin pie.

It must be devastating to not have a place to call home, in the winter some people wake up with no shelter over their head, no fireplace to warm them up. Not even a single blanket to keep them warm.

The least we Calgarians can do is donate to help these poor people so we can make this world a better place! Sometimes, these people don’t realize where they stay is super dangerous like under a bridge or on the sidewalk, it’s not safe.

Did you know over 3,500 people are homeless on the streets of Calgary?We need to help the people in our province so we can make everything better! We can give to the people on the streets, help the people out that are living in these dangerous places. Then people could have homes, a place to eat, sleep, where there is a roof over their heads and the best thing is that everyone is there together as a joyful family!