Grade 5


Everyone Was a Child Once

Everyone was a child once
November 17 2016

My home would be empty without the constant buzz. Loud music, sisters screaming contests, dogs barking, and I am stuck in this. Houses are empty buildings when you start making memories in this empty house it is an official home in your heart. Your home is a place that you can express yourself freely. Show all your emotions without being afraid of people seeing you. Easley shutting a door for privacy. I love the cozy corner in my home a portable massage chair set up on a regular chair the softest blanket you’ll ever imagen that fills you with shock of warmth once you put it on. In my room, there are trophies and metals from my favourite sports hanging on my walls shimmering when light hits them, a desk which my writing and drawing are done. The painting that my mother painted of some blossom trees and a simple bench the piece of art goes beautifully with all the grays in our home. Most people would never even think of saying this but I look up to the homeless that even without homes they still are smiling. I get mixed feelings when I see homeless people it might not have been there fault that they’re homeless in my class anyone here could become homeless. Everyone was a child once ………………. think about it!