Grade 6


Everyone needs a home

Lots of people have a home but some people don’t. Everyone should have a home everyone needs one. It doesn’t have to be big it can be small. You just need one so you don’t die from the being too cold to hot and even wet. Some people have big homes with lots of stuff in them but you don’t need a big home. A home is just a place to go when it’s raining and snowing. You don’t need a big home you could have more fun outside. You need a home to sleep in and escape the cold and bad things outside. A home can be a plece where you are loved feel happy safe and have fun. A home is different than a house because in a home you feel loved safe and happy. But in a house you don’t feel as happy as you are in a home. Everyone needs a home if you help someone get a home. You will feel great!