Grade 6

New Brunswick

Everyone Needs a Home

Benjamin McCormick
Mrs Piron/LA
November 4, 2016
Everyone Needs a Home
I’m outside on the cleanly mowed lawn about to hobble on to my bike to sell magazines, and all of a sudden BAM!!!! Thunder and rain strike out. I dash into my home as I chuck my helmet and my bike topples over. Now, I’m safely secure with pleasing paintings and flowers all around me. Home is the perfect place to be at this time.
Home is my comfort zone. Home is the place where I feel the safest. For me home isn’t like this all the time though. It gets crazy and messy quite a lot. For most of the part my home is a delightful place to relax and play games.
On the other hand, id imagine that homeless have had a great life in childhood and know what home means. However, something tragic must’ve happened. Now, they just seek for shelter. For instance, they will go under eves. In addition, they might seek for donations, money or food sometimes. It’s very well possible that I could become homeless when I’m older.
I’ve never thought about this before. As a matter of fact, it’s so easy to become homeless, it just rarely happens. At least you rarely SEE it happen. Homeless, there the same as us. Homeless aren’t some kind of other species. There not, there human. They have family, friends, dreams they have a life to live just like us.
Once again I personally think everyone should have a place to call home. Nobody should be alone all day and night on hard, cold, wet and dirty cement of the sidewalk. I hope being homeless isn’t as bad of an experience that we might think it is I’m glad that I have a hoe. In the words of Oliver Wendall Holmes. “Where we love is home-home that our feet nay leave, but not our hearts”.