Grade 4


Everybody should have a home.

In my home I feel very safe from many things like bugs, tornados, rain and some other dangerous things like criminals, hurricanes and lightning. Nobody can break into my house that is why it is a safe place. When I came home I feel relaxed, I always go into my room and jump on my bed and nobody says I can’t! I can do anything I want in my home, nobody can be mean to me. I have the keys to my home, I can open the door right away if I want to and walk in and I can also lock it when I need to. People that have homes are very, very, very lucky and I think that everybody should have a home, every child and every adult. At home I have my mommy, my dad and my sister. I also have a fish. They love me and I love them. My home is the most important thing in my life, I will never sell my home. All this is what makes my home my special place. I will always love my home and my family.