Grade 5



House Vs Home

A home is where you keep all of your happy and sad memories. Happy memories are the ones you treasure most, they hold memories of your brothers and sisters and all of your relatives. For example, there was this time when me and my sister put bologna in our diapers when we were only three! It was so funny!
The sad memories are when me and my sister got taken away from our mom and dad when we were only five. I only get to visit my family once a month. I don’t get that wonderful and warm feeling that my mom and dad will always be there to keep me safe and happy whenever I really need them. Being taken from my home showed me just how special a home can be. I do have a wonderful home now but I will always miss my first home.
A house is made up of cement and bricks, it shelters me and my guardian and sister in even the worst of storms. I wish I could help all those poor homeless people out there. If I were rich, I wouldn’t do selfish things with my money. I would give my money to Habitat for Humanity and then the rest of it to the Salvation Army so all those homeless people could have shelter, food and clothes, just like me and my family.
If I didn’t have a home and a family like I have today, I wouldn’t be living the way I am. Everyone deserves a happy home.
That is what “home is where the happiest memories are made’’ means.
By Savannah Moore