Grade 5



The homeless people who don’t have homes can just walk and ask for food and money. I like the idea of the Habitat for Humanity because the homeless people have no home and they need a shelter to live in.
To me, the meaning of home means it is comfortable and you can hold your things in your room. At home you can share things about school. Home is bringing you to a warm place in winter and have a roof to cover you when it is raining. You have a comfy place to sleep and to eat. A home is you can be with your family.
For me, I was very disappointed because my family needed to move. My cousins, aunt, uncle, grandmother, grandfather were all in the place I used to live, Taiwan. The first few days was hard for me because I missed my family. Then I realized a home is where you can hold your memories.
A home is where you can spend time or love with pets, brothers and sisters. I love to be a home because I can spend my time with my family and my pets. At home, I can do all sorts of things. Home is a place where I can express my feelings and can be whoever I want.
So for me, there is no place LIKE home for me!
By Kevin