Grade 5



No Place like Home

Home is the starting of life.
Home is where memories are made.
Home is the place you can feel safe.
Home is where no one can judge what you are doing.
I live with my mom and dad and two sisters. A home is where you can express your feelings and can do lots of stuff in my home like play games. Home is a place where you can make memories like my 9th birthday. It was special to me because I made lots of memories.
It is sad to me that some people have no homes. Sometimes in winter I see someone just siting on the side of the road. I just wish I could help them out but I can’t and it makes me sad. So giving money to Habitat for Humanity is good. I would love to help people that need food, water or shelter. If I was rich, I would help people in need of a home. My family encourages me to keep trying to help people out, like if there was a guy siting on the road to help them out by giving them money or giving food or water. So even if I don’t win the contest I will still be a good person, so I will never give up on being a good person.
By Brandon