Grade 5




Home is where I feel safe and comfortable. I can run around in my house, jump on my bed and no one will judge me because they know that is who I am.
The difference between a house and a home is that in a home you are loved and accepted as who you are. A house is just bricks and beams.
I have had three houses but they don’t feel like houses to me, they feel like homes. A place where I have lots of memories with my family. Like in my first house in Canada it was my first Christmas. I got a Dora car and a Dora play set. I was like two so don’t judge me, but I was happy! The best thing was having a safe home to create memories in.
I love my home because it protects me from the weather, like a harsh cold winter and the dry hot summer. My home is amazing. When I leave my home I’m super excited but it feels even better to come back.
I think that Habitat for Humanity is a great idea because I know homeless people deserve a loving home, just like everyone else. They are humans and they need the comfort and safety a home provides.
By Elijah