Grade 5

Saltspring Island
British Columbia


Once upon a time there was a town named Ergerburg and in that town was a unique cow named Bullwinkle unlike his brother Elmo he welcomed everyone goats, sheep, frogs, turtles even bees for that matter. The cows were always tearing down the other species homes so Bullwinkle and his best friend Frogmore decided to raise enough cow dollars to rebuild the other creatures homes But They didn’t know what to do to raise that much. but just then Bullwinkle thought of an idea they would go around to each house and ask for cow dollar. so they went on their Journey they went to a house to house some people even gave them 4 or 3 or ten or even a hundred cow dollars it was all to a good cause to make homes for all species. When it was all done Bullwinkle and Frogmore raised $33,000 cow dollars End made 40 homes for other species, in the end, all species in all cows all frogs all goats were united again!