Grade 6

New Brunswick

Dreams of Home

As I was on my way home from an exhausting day of learning, I stopped to think how
wonderful my bed would feel, the fluffy sheets saving me from the coldness and bringing me to
the heat, my mattress pulling me down to the comfiest part and my head sinking into the pillow
made me know how lucky I am to have a home. To have a hot dinner to demolish, a bed to have
dreams in, a TV to stare at and a family to say I love you. When someone asks: “Where is the
best place in the world?” I say “HOME!”

My home makes me know my family is safe when others aren’t. Home is where I want to be
when I’m ill. My home makes me feel like the luckiest person in the world to shuffle down the
lane to arrive at a warm home that locks me inside on an intensely cold day, but others aren’t as

There are too many homeless people in New Brunswick. Each new homeless person equals
more depression each year, each dollar or toonie helps an unfortunate persons dream come true!
However, there are some children without a home it’s an experience nobody wants. It means
your childhood experience is spent on the streets wondering when you’ll get to be in a home
during the cold, long winter months!

I couldn’t imagine life as a homeless child, living on the streets, unprotected, going from place to
place trying to find the most protected spot to make it through the night and wondering when
it’s going to stop. I couldn’t imagine not having a normal life and not enjoying Christmas in an
heated room.

Like I said before, I feel incredibly fortunate to have a home, food to eat, a bed to sleep in and a
family to surround me with love. I will continue to say that the best place in the world is