Grade 4


Do You Know the Meaning of Home?

To me the meaning of home is a place where you spend most of your time. I usually play on my tablet and piano. I also draw and play with my family. I like to play my guitar and play with lego.

To me Home is also a place where you make memories. One of my best memories is me and my little sister playing a board game, it was fun !!! We also had a balloon fight in our backyard.Once I played a board game with my grandpa when he was visiting. I also made a cake for my dad it was hard to hide it from him.

What home also means to me, is a place where you live with your loving family. My family is caring, they always hug me and sometimes reads me stories before I sleep.

A home is a place where you sleep,live and have your own safe space.

To me Home is a place where you celebrate. One of my parties was my 9th birthday, which was really fun !!!! One of my other parties was my dad’s birthday !!!!! We also celebrate Eid and Christmas every year!!!

Home is where the heart is. Loving hearts make a happy home !!!!!!!!!!!