Grade 6


Difference Beween a Home and a House

Difference Between a Home and House
What the word “home” means to me…a place that we sleep in and live with our family. A home is usually filled with good memories and love. Families often watch movies together and play games which is a lot of fun. If you are sick, you can go to the store and get medicine. You can invite your friends to play at your house.
Some people live on the streets or in a dumpster and that’s their home. They don’t have any electronics like a TV or an iPod like we do. Their home wouldn’t have any good memories as it is not a nice place to live. Sometimes people would put garbage over themselves to keep warm at night. If someone lived in a dumpster behind a restaurant and they needed food, they will go in a spot with leftover food and pretend they had been sitting there or they would go look in the garbage.
I think we are really lucky that we have a house with food and water. Living in Canada is the best!!