Grade 4

Fort Saskatchewan

Cozy Home

The meaning of home is a wonderful thing to share.
Throughout each day and year you will get lots of love and care. Home is a place where you can play and your parents will help you every which way. Only what your parents bake you must eat because you get what you get and take what you take. When something brings you down your cozy home will always be around. Home is a place where you can eat and get lots of good sleep. It is a place you can roam and those are not all the meanings of home. It is a place that is tidy and clean and it is a place where no one is mean. There are lots of things you will discover and so many things that you will uncover. It is a place with electricity and sometimes you may live in a big city. Home is a place where you do chores. at home the rain pours. Home is a place where you keep your money and sometimes when you do stuff it may slightly look funny. Home is a place with clean water because when you are outside you may get hotter. I love my home.