Grade 4


Coming Home

Coming Home…

When I get home I here my dad watching hockey on the T.V., my sister listening to music, and my mom cooking dinner. Sometimes when I get home it either smells really good or someone is secretly coming over. For an example Avery. Sometimes my mom let’s me play on the computer, or play outside with my friends on my bay, because there is a lot of kids and friends on our bay. Sometimes even Avery and I get to go to her house together, and when my aunty lived with me we were always doing something every day we were always we were doing stuff like this bowling, going to UPuttz, going to Boston pizza, and I could a billion more, but she lived with me a long time ago. On weekdays this is what I do on Mondays I go to piano, and on Wednesdays I go to ringette and sometimes practices, and some days of the week people ask me to come over but sometimes I can’t, because I am really busy or I have a sport to play.