Grade 6



A home is some place cozy, a place where you can cuddle up with the people you love.
A house and a home are two very different things. A house is a place you live but it’s not really buzzing with life like a home. A home is where I can put on music and dance and sing at the top of my lungs because I’m not scared that people will judge me, my home gives me courage.
My home is comfortable, I always feel like squishing and smooshing up in my blankets. My blankets make me feel warm and safe. I love, love, love feeling safe. To me safe feels confident, brave and loved. Home is like a warm blanket.
I like that my home is cozy. My home is where I can enjoy my self even if I am feeling gloomy I still feel warm. I love feeling warm!
In my home I always feel like every thing is lit up even in the dark rooms or basement or attics. Because my home is special to me.