Grade 6

New Brunswick

chill with family

I can just feel the cold water dripping off of my black and red swim suit while I shiver into my long grey fuzzy towel .Lastly I slip my black leather boots on and get in my mom’s grey Honda fit the hit the road to go home .As the car bumps down the old country road I can just think of home, smell, the feeling and the warm happy smiles on everyone’s faces. We arrive at the little green house that’s my home. Home is where I can feel safe. At last home.
I sprint to the door as the rocks are flying from me running to the door. ‘Kitty Quila.’ I say quietly when I open the door. I rip my boots off and yank my cat Quila on the couch and snuggle her to death. ‘Mom what for supper’ I say with exhaustion from swimming. ‘Chicken and noodles’ my mom reply’s. OMG I love the smell of the way my mom makes chicken.
My house means home because of the smell of buttery popcorn on Fridays and every supper I eat YUM YUM in my tum and the feeling of being safe and chilling out. We also watch movies and eat that buttery popcorn I was taking about before every Friday.
As the movie finishes finally I whisper to my mom can we watch it again just so we can hangout and chill more together. Sometime if you’re in in a rush just think, when I get home I can chill out and as the internet say life is so much easier when you just chill out.
And remember not everyone has an awesome life and some people are luckier then others.