Grade 6



Home to me is……
So many people don’t know what home feels like but I want to change that. Everyone deserves a home. A family is one thing that makes a home. A family is not just a mom or dad or brother or sister but the people who support you. The people who love you and care for you. Family is so nice to have because they take care of you when you are sick or upset and they are so nice to you when you need someone on your side and they give you good advice for how to solve your problems. They also teach you almost every thing you need to know. Family can be fun and boring but they can be really funny sometimes. They are so supportive. Family can talk when you need to talk and they listen when that’s all you need. Another thing most people feel in their homes is safe. You feel like you can trust your family and tell them almost anything. You feel safe in your home in so many ways like you can trust them with your secretes and they can protect you if anything happens. Your family is always caring and your family is what makes a home so it is so good when your family cares. Your family always cares about you even when you feel like they don’t. Friends are a big part of my home and make me who I am today. Friends make you feel special. Friends are family and take care of you. They love you and make you laugh when your sad. They support you when you need them to. Friends keep all your secrets. I can’t believe not everyone has happiness or family. That is why I want to do everything I can to help everyone have a family or a home.