Grade 4


Blessed with a home

When I walk in my neighborhood, I see beautiful houses from the outside, we see decorations, size and colors but I forget the most important feature that none of this makes a home but it is love and safety that makes a house a home.

Some would think that a big house makes for better home, but sometimes a smaller house can bring the family closer, make them more accommodating and loving.

A house in unsafe neighborhood does not make a good home. Home cannot be just a house or an apartment in any neighborhood, if the neighborhood is not safe, the house is not a true home.

A home to me means a place where I am never afraid because I have my family. Home is not just bricks and walls, home is somewhere to keep me safe and sound. My home is where nobody can hurt me, it keeps me warm in winter and cool in summer. A home is a place that I am looking forward to go to after school to see my family, share my day, play and learn.

Many people in the world don’t have this blessing to have a home, and even though it seems like how we are living is normal to us, it is a dream for many to have a roof on their head. We should be thankful that we have a home. Hundreds of millions all over the world are homeless.

So to help those without a good and safe home, we should do everything that we can to help change that. We should help to make neighborhoods safer so that houses in them could be real homes so they experience this blessing.