Grade 4


Best Home Ever

Home is where love spreads. Home is where you’re loved as much as a baby bear cub with it’s mom and dad. It’s where new lives start and end. Home is not home if family is not around like being at a friends house.

Home is a where you’re excited as if you were getting your dream house or car. It’s also where you celebrate your birthday, halloween, christmas and easter. It is a great place to play with your toys, friends and family.

Home and family are worth much more than a dream car or a dream house. Home is home if you’re rich or poor, no matter what it’s you’re incredible home. Home is a warm and safe place to be.

Home is a place where you discover amazing new things like when you were younger you learned all of the things that you now know. It’s also where you make great memories like the christmas where I got my xbox one, but remember that home is worth more than electronics.

I’m very lucky to have a great home to live in. I wish that everyone can have a home like mine. I know that if we all work together everyone can have a home like yours and mine.