Grade 5


bardia-meaning of home

A beautiful home

A beautiful home

A home is a place to feel safe in, a place to share all those beautiful and juicy memorise.Like that time you blew the candles on your 8th birthday and that time you watched that scary movie and had nightmares for weeks.oh and don’t forget your first ever dog that snugglable little pug with glowing adorable brown eyes he was soooooooo cute. A home is a place you want to live in for a long time with your old friend good memories in that home you will sleep, eat, laugh even cry. Now put yourself in someone else’s shoe someone homeless who is cold hurt sad no good memorise going to sleep with a empty stomach not even a single crumb to eat how would you feel if you did not have a home a warm place to sleep to cook a delicious meal a place to calibrate your birthday in thousands and thousands of people in your city are homeless sleeping under bridges getting hurt or even killed because the harsh conditions of homelessness but it does not have to be like that we can end homelessness with the help of habitat for humanity we can change and end homelessness building cheap and affordable homes for homeless people