Grade 5


ayman j meaning of home

What does home mean to you?Is it a place where you sit and watch television,or a place to sleep?But to me a home means family,love and togetherness.I love my family.There one of the reason’s why i keep going and persisting to become the best person i can be.My home also has love.Love has been one of the things that has been there when my family needs it ,other family,s that don,t have love won’t care for each other .love should be in every family since kids need care and love.The last thing that makes my description of “home”means togetherness.
Togetherness is a big thing in my life.It means that my mom can do things with me and my siblings as a family instead of her dong all the work at home.So when you you the off the bus after school or if you are reading this take a little time to think about your understanding of home not house,but home