Grade 5


Ariel-Meaning of home

Meaning Of Home
Home is a place where you can be loved all the time,
Where laughter is shared,
And your heart grows with pride.
Every day you get words of encouragement,
You hold it in and feel the moment.
Your resources are used any way the you choose,
As long as you use them wisely,
When family is together,
You shine like the sun and treat everybody kindly.
People who don’t have a home,
Must feel very alone and don’t feel comfortable in their zone.
Their like a dog without a bone.
“Help me!” is what i see on their face,
As i cry myself to sleep and hope their okay.
I was once driving with my mother,
I gave a kid a dollar,
Who had only a single mother.
Now you see why people should care,
If you lend them a dollar,
It’ll be fair.
1,800 kids rely on food banks
If kids need food to chew,
They can count on you!