Grade 5


Alvia.H the meaning of home

The meaning of Home
To me, home means love. Home is a place you sleep and stay warm. It means to have a family that cares for you. It is a place you feel welcome. Sometimes, when you are sad, mad, or scared, you have parents to make you cheerful and happy again. If you have siblings, they can sometimes be annoying, but that doesn’t mean they don’t love you! When you are lonely, you have siblings that can have fun with you. Having a house means you have a warm bed and shelter. It is a place where you survive. We all have memories from home, like when you first knew how to brush your teeth, and much more. Home can also be celebrations. My most deep memory was when I got to wear my traditional clothing and eat moon-cake, that is my favorite celebration. The celebration always makes me very excited and hyper. Home means to be peaceful and have luck. Home is a sweet place filled with love. It is like a cloud floating in mid air with all your dreams in it. This is the meaning of home.