Grade 6

New Brunswick


Emadedin Elmontaser
Mrs. Piron/LA
November 4 2016

Vroom! The sound of the bus ready to take me home, Brrr! The bus stops, and I come off and I run so fast to my house! The sound of cars going by when I sprint I open the door ring! I have made it alive, from school I drop my backpack poof! In a room and I wash my hands! A tasty meal waiting for me, very hot.
I ate it really fast and got ready for tennis, SMASH! Hit the ball and it’s in I win the match the coach says nice shot! Later on I go back home, lay on my bed and play. The alarm rings bzzz I say time to swim I go to the Ymca to swim Splash!
Finally I get back home and remember something, I have homework! I sprint downstairs where it’s warm and cozy click! I open up the computer and start working on my homework, click, click, and click! The sound of me typing I have finished typing my homework and now I can rest. Zzzz I wake up and remember it’s a weekend!
Wahoo I jump downstairs and play with my brother on the Xbox for 20 minutes. However I go back upstairs thump! Thump! I do a bit of homework then eat, I go to tennis again and it was a mini tournament Whack! Tack! Pop! I finished 2nd I won 3 games and lost one.
I finally go home very exhausted. And I say to myself what an awesome weekend I’m happy that I have home, home is a place where I feel safe and where it’s fun I hope everybody gets a nice house, rrring! My alarm clock I yell IM LATE FOR SCHOOL!