Grade 4


Achilles the Cat

As I played in the backyard, I decided to go exploring. I ran into the forest and had so much fun climbing trees and relaxing in the sun that I had no idea where I was. I was lost! I quickly scented the air, smelling water nearby. Following the smell, I almost fell into the stream! I took a quick sip, and caught a whiff of food on the air. I ran down the bank, and out onto a thick root. I lept to the other side, and pushed through the grass into a clearing. A fence blocked the way, the food had to be behind it! I saw a hole near the far end. I squeezed through, hardly noticing the chewed edges. The smell of food overwhelmed me, but before I could take a step, two pairs of glowing eyes appearing in the darkness. The rank smell of rat drifted past my nose. I hissed and unsheathed my claws. Pouncing on the rat in front, I sank my claws into him, and threw him at the fence. Barely hearing the squeak of pain, I ducked the second rat’s blow, and clawed his throat, killing him. I had won! Suddenly, pain shot through my back leg. I whirled around, striking out with my claws. A rat was sinking its teeth into my leg! My claws ripped into it’s side, and it dropped to the ground, dead. The rat tasted terrible, but I ate it anyways. The rain poured as I ran back across the steam, looking back, I seen a huge wave smashing through the root. Trembling, I crouched under the tree, and fell asleep. When I woke up I was in a friends arms. I was sure he was going to bring me home safely. THE END