Grade 6

British Columbia

Acai’s Chance Of A Life Time

The city was glowing with Christmas lights shining red, blue and green on nearby houses. People walking by singing carols under their breath. Houses were filled to the brim with happiness and joy, all except ‘Miss Dorothy’s Adoption Home For Children’. The saddest one there was Acai. Acai was a little girl about six at the time, she had short brown hair and a doll-like face blessed with ocean blue eyes. Who never had a home.

See Acais’ parents died in a dreadful car crash when she was one, and she had no grand-parents, aunts or uncles. So she went straight to the adoption center, which was nowhere close to a home.
Box-sized rooms with grey walls and sticky floors. Mean pinch-faced people walking around like somehow they were better than her.

A family from down the street came to the adoption center a week away from Christmas. Children of all ages flooded down to the main floor to see the mysterious family. A tall blonde lady stood next to a short brown haired man, looking at all the desperate kids.

From a distance Acai saw the blonde lady looking at her. She approached Acai with a warm smile.

“Hello there what’s your name?’’ the blonde lady said. “I’m Amber.”

There was a long moment of silence before Acai finally said under her breath
“My…my name is Acai.”

“That’s a pretty name.”And with that she left.

A week later they came back, papers in hand. When Acai heard her name paged from down stairs she grabbed her scruffy old teddy bear and almost tripped running down the stairs.
Acai walked with the family into their car without talking.

Acai finally felt that feeling, family, happiness.
They gave Acai the best Christmas present ever, a home.