Grade 6


A Welcoming Home

The stubby wooden cottage sat back in the woods and holds everything that was thrown at in or in it. Almost all day the only action it gets is a wee little puppy Shilow and a horse in the paddock. When the kids get home from school, Shilow gets quickly zipping around the house with excitement and almost knocks down the beautiful million dollar picture from Prince Edward Island. Then there gets some more action when the family is sitting down at the table enjoying the food and laughing. Next Shilow is pushily waiting to go outside in the sparkling snow. It gets colder and colder in the evening but luckily they have a fire to settle in front of. And enjoy the sizzling crackling fire. That is a story of a home not just a house.
A home is where love gets spread. All the delightful jolly memories are shared in a home. May be in a runty, tiny home or an enormous mansion. Homes really don’t what the size of it is. What matters is what’s inside of it. Like when you walk inside of a house you see floors, rooms, walls, and furniture. Where when you walk into your home it has family, love, feelings, hobbies, traditions and memories. Home is a place you can go when the day is done and just feel… something you won’t feel anywhere else because there is no place like home. It is glum to think that some people don’t know what a home is. I am so glad I know what a home is and how thankful to be.