Grade 6

British Columbia

A story of home

ZZZZZ. I hear my friend Lily snoring. She’s the girl I know that is homeless and who has no family like me. She’s 4 and I’m 12. Oh, I forgot to mention, my name is Bella. I lay down and finally fall asleep on the icy, hard, pavement.
The next day I wake up. The sky is still dark and it’s FREEZING outside. Oh, and in case you’re wondering why I said outside, it’s because I’m homeless. My parents died last year in a car crash so I had no one to take care of me. All my other relatives lived in the ‘Tornado Alley’ but they all died because they were out farming and a tornado came. Now back to my day.
Every day I go to school. It’s free, and I actually enjoy learning. Plus, it’s heated! I pick up Lily in my arms and carry her while I walk to her daycare. She finally wakes up after about three minutes of walking. She recognizes where we are and falls asleep again. I continue walking.
After I drop Lily off, I head to my school. Right as I step In the school doors, I see the two people I hate,Naomi and Julie. I hate them because they are the two girls in my class that know I’m homeless and they think it is fun to be mean to me. Every day they bug me about how I wear the same dirty clothes and about how my skin is covered with dirt. I just ignore them and head to class.
At the end of the day, after finishing school and picking up Lily, I lay on my torn sleeping bag and watch the stars shimmer above me. Oh how I wish I had a home.