Grade 6


A Spoiled Girl

A Spoiled Girl
By Jada Sarich

She lives in a house
A very big one itself
Her father’s name is Harold Snark
He works until it’s extremely dark

The lonely girl is all on her own
She sits there to dramatically moan
Her father doesn’t know or even care where she is
The coldest heart is definitely his

When she’s at school she brags and boasts
It’s the desperate girl’s only hope
She wants more attention in her greedy heart
Most people wish to tear her apart

Home is where the heart is
This isn’t as hard as a pop quiz
It’s the centre of all good things in your life
The young girl possibly acts as she does because her father lost
his wife

This young girl doesn’t have a true family
She claims her house is the best very confidently
And so she makes children feel very sickening about
She stacks her sorrows away Inside herself