Grade 5


A Special Place

Once upon a time, Dalia had lovely and friendly neighbours. They were a family with two kids, Sandy and Joseph, and two beautiful dogs, Salt and Pepper. Their house was a charming, jolly place where everyone was cheerful and happy. Family and friends would reunite at this house to celebrate the festive holidays in peace and joy. Dalia always looked forward to going to Sandy’s house for a play date. This place was called home where friends would come over and have an enjoyable time with Sandy and Joseph and their dogs. The best part was when Sandy’s mother would serve us milk and homemade cookies fresh out of the oven. You’d spend time enjoying yourself and your friends. One day, Sandy’s father came home from the office without a job anymore. His company has closed down.Since they couldn’t pay for the house anymore, the bank had to take it away from them and put up for sale. Sandy’s family was forced to find another place to live. Dalia and Sandy would not have any more playdates because Sandy had moved to the other end of the city somewhere in a small one-bedroom apartment.
But Dalia couldn’t forget all the good memories she had shared with her friendly neighbours: when Sandy first did a triple back flip and landed in first place in her competition, the time when Joseph swallowed 19 hotdogs in 3 minutes at a contest, or when the 2 dogs jumped through a fire hoop in the backyard to entertain some kids in the neighbourhood.
A few months later Dalia got to visit Sandy in her new home. The place was very small and Sandy’s family had to find a new home for salt and pepper because the building where Sandy lived didn’t allow pets.
Despite all the changes, Sandy’s family still had all the love and family spirit, just like when they were Dalia’s neighbours.At last they have α ѕρє¢ιαℓ ρℓα¢є!!!