Grade 6


A Simple Yukon Life

Rays of sunshine beam down on a small log cabin with a shiny tin roof. There is a fence around it and a truck parked beside it. If you look closely you see there are bridles hanging on the outside wall of the cabin, a brindle colored dog sits on the porch staring dreamily at the horses scattered on a golden colored field. There are mountains behind them lightly sprinkled with fresh snow. The sun makes pink and orange streaks on the clouds as it comes up yet once again.
The first thing you see in the inside of the cabin is a round blue table with four chairs around it. In one corner there is a black wood stove glowing with hot coals and dancing sapphire red flames. In the opposite corner of the room there is a bed up against a small window, my bed and across the room there are a few shelves filled with food and dishes. Just beside the bed there are two more small rooms, one with a metal tub in it and the other with another bed in it, my mom and dad’s bed.
We heat water on the wood stove for baths, we have no electricity, we do not have an indoor bathroom and we haul water from a creek. This is how I live, in a little cabin tucked away in the heart of the Yukon. This is my home, but the meaning of home to me is a place where I know there are people who love me. A place I enjoy spending my time. A place where my best friends are. A place where I feel like I belong. For these reasons I have many homes. I know there are many people who love me in Manitoba, all of my aunts, uncles, and family are there. My best friends live in Alberta, but I love being here, right here in the heart of the Yukon. I have a little of it all here. I have people who love me, mom and dad, I have a friend and I love being here with all the horses. I have a little of it all and there is no better home to have than that.