Grade 6

Killarney Road
New Brunswick

A Safe Place to Live

Logan Reynolds
Mrs. Piron/LA
November 4, 2016
A Safe Place to Live
Have you ever taken something for granted? Something very important that a lot of people don’t have like food or shelter. Well I have, and now I feel guilty for it because when I go home after school I know that I am in a safe place with lots of good food and clean water. To me home is a very important place where I can sit back and relax. There are so many people who don’t have such a luxury as just going outside to play catch or road hockey. I have a warm bed and a full stomach every day and I am involved in sports like hockey and soccer. Therefore I consider myself to be extremely lucky.
Secondly I know that a lot of people don’t have the time or money to participate in activities. Therefore home is a place where I can kick back and relax after activities. Home is a place where I can take a warm shower after a long day. I love after school because that means I will have a hot meal and good night’s sleep.
When supper time rolls around I know that I will have a hot meal and a glass of milk or juice. I also have clean water and a warm bed every single day of life. At my home we never have to worry about running out of clean water or good food and I sometimes take that for granted. Besides I love knowing that I will all the luxuries that I do, every day when I get home. It makes me furious to think that so many people don’t have all of these things. It’s definitely not fair that so many people don’t have these things even though they’re rights!
Thirdly I know that my home is a safe place where I can always go. Home is where I know that nobody can hurt me. It’s where I do my homework and have birthday parties. In addition it’s the place where I took my first steps. My home is the safest place I know. I wish I could have friends, school, hockey, fresh air and also see the world without having to leave the safety of my home.
Finally I hope that someday everyone has a place to call home. The meaning of home for me is that I have good food, clean water and a safe place to live. Like said earlier I hope that someday all rights are respected. I believe that if everyone who could, donated $20 to habitat for humanity we could eliminate homelessness in Canada. I hope that will convince you to help those who need it most.