Grade 6

New Brunswick

A Poem For My Home

A Poem For My Home

You are so warm inside,
You keep me safe from the weather outside

You stay with me until I’m old

Something I love and never want to lose

Something I can trust until I’m dust

Keep my family happy and hopeful,
I know this must seem like a mouthful

I know I must pay to keep you but I’m happy to meet you

Change your walls a couple of times,
Decorate you from time to time

You are where I live and can raise a family

Where I can sleep and dream with lots of hope or have a bubble bath with lots of soap

It’s always fun to have holidays like Christmas and birthdays
but there’s no rush being with you is enough

When I’m down or bruised and have no luck,you are there to scare away the bad stuff

Sometimes I must leave and others abuse you with toilet paper, spray cans plus many other stuff but I’m there to clean you up

And sometimes I must leave
Packing up for a new city

Putting up the sign and giving you away for a price I know it’s hard to say goodbye

To thank you finally you are my Home I love you So dearly whenever I roam