Grade 6

Nova Scotia

A Place We Call Home

A Place We Call Home
Home is where you feel accepted, a place where you can be yourself and no one will judge you.
Even if you’re on the other side of the globe you are forever welcome. When you make a mistake or have a bad day you know you know you can always reach home.
Home is a place where family comes together for celebrations and memories that will last. The endless love and warmth it brings will be in our hearts forever. The sense of protection and laughter that fills each room can bring joy and happiness to everyone.
The emotions and smiles on the faces of my family are something we will cherish forever. Home is where love is unconditional and mirth is in everyone. Home is where we rise and we fall, where we experience the best and worst times in our lives.
Home is where you learn and you love. Home is where dreams come to life and children become exceptional men and women.
No matter how big, small, short or tall you are everyone deserves a place they call home.