Grade 5

British Columbia

A Place To Call Home

Home is not just a place with a roof, walls and floors. Home is a place where you laugh, where you cry and where you make memories. Home is a place where you are loved and where you can be yourself. Home is where your most treasured belongings are.

Home is wherever you live. Your home may not even be a house. It may be an apartment, townhouse, cabin or even a tent, but wherever you live it is still your home. Your home may be with a grandparent, roommates, or nanny, but your home is still your special place whomever you share it with.

Not all people have a home. Not all people have a place they feel safe. Not all people have that special place to call their own, but we who have homes can help with that. There is so much we can do. We can build houses for those in need. We could donate money to those who don’t have a home or to those that will help build a home for someone who needs one.

We should be grateful for our homes. Not just because we eat there, not just because we sleep there, but because not all people have a home. Just imagine not having a home. Be thankful for your home. Your home is a special place to call your own.