Grade 6


A Piece of You

A Piece of You

Home, when you hear or see the word you think safe, cozy and laughter. You get to go crash into your bed or go sit on your couch and just feel the weight lift off your shoulders or when you come home to a delicious smell and realize that your favourite meal was being made or be able to just stare out the windows for hours just looking at the stars wrapped up in your favourite blanket as you take a sip of your steaming hot chocolate.

Now imagine what it would be like not to be able to have a home, not to be able to feel safe in your bed at night. Not being able to have a chance to cook what you want for supper and getting colder and hungry every time you hear the word home. Not being able to relax and feel exhausted all day every day. This is how people feel when they don’t have a home.

See a home is not just any place it is a piece of you and you will never forget the smell or how it is the place where all your family comes together or how it is the place where all your deepest to funniest secrets and memories are kept and the feeling of being yourself and embarrassment.

Now you see how important it is to have a place to call home. Home will always be in your heart and will always be a piece of you and never forget that.