Grade 5

St Laurent

A House to call a Home

A House to call a Home

Do you know how the difference between a house and a home? Well I think a house is a building. Usually people get confused between a house and a home. People think that because the majority of people in their house live with their family. Now, in my opinion, a home is anywhere where you are loved and respected by everyone around you. A home is a place where you should also feel safe. Not meaning having a roof over your head, but feeling like the people around you care for you. Those people that love and respect you can also be called family.

In my home, I love the smell of a homemade dinner when I walk in. It makes me feel special because someone actually took all that time to prepare one meal just for me. In my home, my family also supports me for my ideas and what I like and want to do. Have you ever heard of the expression “Home sweet Home”? When you say that expression you don’t refer to the place, you refer to the people. You refer to the people because the people are the ones loving you for you, caring for you and respecting you.

To sum it up, a home is not a building, but somewhere anywhere, where you fit in and are appreciated.

I admire this writing contest because it will give an opportunity to families to get a house to call home.