Grade 6

British Columbia

a house and a home

Home is a safe place where you ponder your feelings,
Home is where to go when you need healings,

At home you hang up memories and celebrate achievements,
Mine has comforting parents and soothing treatments,

I remember drawing my first picture there and getting my first toy,
My experiences at home made me grow a healthy happy boy,

Days there are filled with emotions, like laughter or tears,
There are days I detest and days that I cheer,

Those memories that at home were made,
I promise you they will never ever fade,

A house is something different, oh I can tell you that,
A house is an object of any given format,

The house of a spider is its web, and the house of a snail is its shell,
What a house should look like you can’t always tell,

Some houses are bigger and some are smaller,
To you and I, some are even in squalor,

The looks don’t change the perceptions of people who live there, you see,
How they, not we, feel about it is key,

The price of a house is the money you pay,
Though the value of your home nobody can say,

A home is a place merged with memories and feelings,
It could be a house or it could be a street with no ceilings.

A home that is not a house should be a choice, not a last resort,
This is an idea that all people should support.