Grade 5


A House and a Home

A house is a place to keep us safe,
It’s made by bricks, with a touch of care.
We have food and desserts for us to eat,
And have fresh clean water for us to drink.

We place belongings around our house for some pretty decor,
And let our feet walk on our carpeted floor.
We have plants to take care of to grow and grow,
Plus some people for us to never feel alone.

But a home; is such so different,
It’s not just a building made out of bricks!
We make memories inside of them
And share them to people who care.

The people in our house is not just “people”,
It’s our families and friends to laugh and cry with,
Because no matter what happens to you,
You have a habitat with people to help you!

To me a home means love,
Where you grew up with your dad and mom.
You laugh together day and night;
And that smile you make, oh so bright!

A house is a building that stands in the light and dark,
But a home; you can cherish it with your heart!
For all the people and pets that you can find,
It’s not only in a house, but in your mind!

Soon this season we put up our Christmas Tree,
But instead of gifts, we can build a house for the need.
To give them a space to let them roam,
But to give it love, to make it a home!

Open your home to others,
Show them your love and care.
And once you see that smile on their faces,
You will have one too because you shared!

A house is a house,
A home is a home.
Let our God guide us,
As we find our way back home.