Grade 6


a home should have/feel

A home should have/feel

A home is warm and cozy. The people should be friendly. A home should have a roof, walls and floors. It should be warm in winter and just right in summer. It should not feel unsafe, it should feel safe for example, good neighbors who you can trust, who care when you get hurt, who help you when you’re in trouble. That’s what a safe place looks like and feels like. A home should have strong walls, beams, strong roof and strong floors all of which do not break. You should not have to say my home is on the street, abandoned house or in the middle of nowhere with no clean water, fresh food, electricity or road. Home feelings should be laughing, loving, crying and more. A home should have clean water, fresh food, electricity, neighbors not far away, and a road. A home should be proud and loud. A home should be love and fun.