Grade 4

Fort Saskatchewan

A Home is Not Necasirilly A House

Home is not just a place where you stay it is a place of love comfort and safety.My family and friends who I care about are there too!In my home I like to stay with my family who which care about me.Safely I snore away in my home and I would like to stay.I’ve always had good food and clean water.I get that not all kids can have clean water and good food and it makes me sad that i get these things and they don’t. It’s unfair to them.Just think how sad you would be if that was you.and that is why we need to fix this problem that keeps on growing and that is exactly what Habitat For humanity is all about.And you might ask yourself why?It’s so homeless people can get back on their feet again.and I love my home for it is not just a place where you stay it is a place of love comfort and safety and it means the world to me for I can not imagine life without a home.For all my days but two i’ve had a house but all my days i’ve had a home.I feel sorry for others without a home.Homelessness is a sad thing.Sometimes people have to walk because they don’t have money for proper transportation or for a house.So please help people who are homeless around the world.There are many other huge problems in this world and this is one of the biggest even so most people don’t even realize it.Eventually this problem grew so big that people started thinking about it like this-oh thats just life but would you say that if it were you?Think about what I’ve said for a minute.Is that you? That is for you to answer.