Grade 6


A Home Is A Home

A Home Is A Home

Hello! I am Billy Marchand Home. Why don’t you come in and have a cup of tea while I tell you all about myself. First (to be clear) Mr. and Mrs. Marchand live here with their four children and two pets. Let me tell you all about them.

As the afternoon of a sunny day is ending, this wonderful family is coming back together. They’re always supportive and loving. There is never a quiet moment as they are always on the go. I have had so many memories that I can’t count them anymore! I have seen hard and pleasant life steps in their lives. It is amazing to see them grow up. If they left, it would break my heart into a million pieces.

When the sun has settled, there’s a great smell that floats in the air. It’s Mr Marchand scrumptious supper meal. Mrs Marchand’s sweet pie is cooking in the over. When the smell has floated all over the house, supper is finally ready.

YUM! Does it smell good! Now they are all sitting around the table eating their yummy supper. Hot chicken, peas, carrots, and rice are cooling on the table. Oh, how I wish I could eat! It is finally time for dessert. Pie, ice cream and milk are all included.

As Mr. and Mrs. Marchand are cleaning the table, all four kids get ready for bed. They brush their teeth, pull their P-J’s on and get themselves snuggled up in their warm bed. Here come Mr. and Mrs. Marchand for a good night kiss.

As the night is getting darker, it gets quieter and quieter. You could hear a fly flying. I can hear the cat moving, purring and sometimes meowing to get petted. The hamster is rolling vigorously on his wheel.

I hope you enjoyed everything my house has to offer. It would be my pleasure if you came back to visit again! I always enjoy fine company.