Grade 5


A Home For Everyone

A home makes you fell safe but without your home you feel unsafe and alone.A house means that you can be with your family after your home has been damaged it makes it hard.It also means that you will be cold or hot you also have to have someone protect you.
Being safe and staying with family. You wanna be safe with your family but if you get hurt you’re no longer safe.Any animal could attack soon and your family and you are in danger.This is why your house is important to you and family.It keeps you safe and your house is nice and peaceful.

Staying warm inside your house. Air conditioning can keep you cool or warm.You could be really cold on cold days and warm on warm days. We would get sick with colds and if you do it doesn’t make it easier for you or family.

protecting your home at night. If you have a house you could easily just lock the doors and you can sleep safely without a house someone would have to stay awake which causes lack of sleep and then you would get really tired and then it’s harder for you because if you get attacked you used up all of your strength by staying up

In conclusion I think everyone deserves a home and there’s lots of people who have no homes I think they need a hom for safety