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New Brunswick

A Home

A Home
I am completely calm as I feel the soft bumps of the car and the quite lull of the radio. Coming home from late night swimming practice is my absolute favourite times of the day. No yelling, no talking, no, reading and no writing. Total peace. Maybe my older sister will be there if it’s late. To pass the time I think of all the things I love about home. My blankets, the soothing brown palette of the walls, my sisters (Eran and Amanda) and the calming voices of my parents.

My thoughts wander away from my home to what it would be like being homeless. I can’t imagine that. We treat the homeless as if they are not human. Ether calling them names like hobos or acting as if they don’t exist.

Through the years I have been taught to give to the homeless and be polite to the homeless. But the question I ask you is how do I help the homeless if I am just a kid in a world that acts as if the homeless don’t exist?

Now we kids have a chance. A chance to show the world, the world it could be, a chance to show the people, the people they could be. A chance to give the homeless a second chance.

In conclusion everybody needs a home. A home is where you feel safe and happy and as Marlon rico lee once said ‘’ the things you take for granted someone else is praying for.’’ Now as I reflect on her words I realize that he is right, I often complain about the food I eat, the clothes I am given and etc. etc. etc. we all need to , not only realize how the homeless are living, but take action to change it or nothing will change.