Grade 5


A Home

A home is a place where your family can grow like when you were crawling and then you walking.
A home can help create great memories. A home isn’t just walls beams and a roof. Within those walls there is love happiness it is where you can share your emotions you can feel that you are always protected and you can share your problems.
A home is more than a warm place in winter and dry and cool place in summer. A home is where you can share your feelings. A home is where you can grow learn and have fun. You can feel safe and secure. A home is where you can have good neighbors to play. A home is a place ware you can socializing with your family and friends. You can talk about your feelings and be yourself.
A home is ware you can privacy to be yourself share your problems and get support. You always fit in as you accepted as you are. A home is full with love and hope. You can call it a home sweet home. A home stays with you always as hard things get someone is always there for you at home