Grade 5


A Home

A home is not just a place where you live. It is a place where you will always have enough food to eat, water to drink and clothes to wear in all different weathers.
It is a place where you learn, a place where you have fun and a place where you make awesome everlasting memories. A place where you feel loved, accepted, where you fit in and where you are safe. It is a place where you wake up in the morning and fall asleep in the night. A place where your family and friends feel welcome.
Every room in your home has a special meaning, for example, your kitchen is where your family sits down to share meals. Your bedroom is where you snuggle up and have great dreams so you can wake up happy and rested. It’s a good place to go when you need to be alone. There are lots of other rooms too.
People should be thankful for what they have because there is something really sad that some people do not know. Some people don’t have homes. Imagine not having a home, a warm comfy bed or barely enough food to eat. You would not feel very happy. So for a good deed. please donate to Habitat for Humanity. They help people who do not have homes become homeowners with the budget they have. So other people can feel happy safe and loved too! A home is one of the best things you could ever imagine. A house is made out of walls and beams but a home is made out of love and dreams!